Machining table

Machining table BAT

Machining table BAT 9K0102

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Overall dimensions (L x W x H) 31 1/8 x 26 1/8 x 39 ³/8 Inch
Dimensions table top 30 11/16 x 19 5/16 Inch
Working height 39 3/8 Inch
Tilt range 0 - 55 °
Connection voltage
Connection compressed air
Weight 136.7 lbs
42 ball casters
1 connection package 4 m (13,1 ft) voltage/compressed air
1 angle table, pneumatically adjustable
undefined In order to enhance the contact of the plate on the ball casters of the BAT machining table, it is optionally possible to set the hold-down device to the exact plate height.
undefined The BAT significantly simplifies the approaching of bevelled edges. All angle settings from 0 - 55° are freely adjustable. Commonly used angle settings can be locked.
undefined Чтобы поддерживать опору пластины на шариковых роликах стола для обработки BAT, можно на точной высоте пластины установить дополнительное прижимное устройство.
undefined The workpiece can be fixed with the vacuum plate to ensure safe finishing of the edge. When it is not used, it is switched off by a touch valve.
  • Semi-stationary system in use with zero-joint edge bander HIT-M
  • Ball bearing casters can be inserted or offset individually. Ideal for variable positioning.
  • For easy transport and mobility in the workshop.
  • All angle settings from 0 - 55° are freely adjustable.
  • When used in conjunction with the BAT machining table, the mobile zero-joint edge bander turns into a semi-stationary system. Due to the perfect workpiece support with adjustable ball casters, almost any edge banding situation is possible.
  • Perfectly straight, bevelled, curved and round panel materials as well as moulded parts can be processed. Inclined cut surfaces of up to 55° can be easily achieved.
  • The associated 360° ball casters provide variable positioning for moulded parts and closed contours. The angle table enables a pneumatic angle adjustment for applying edges to inclined cut surfaces with an inclination of up to 55° on smaller workpieces. Pneumatic unlocking and damping of the angle adjustment facilitate handling.
Image Description Ref. No.
undefined Foot switch
undefined Hold-down device
with roller for guiding workpieces on the BAT
undefined Vacuum plate D 160
for machining table BAT
undefined Vacuum plate
for machining table BAT, 200 x 55 mm
undefined Vacuum plate
for machining table BAT, 255 x 55 mm
Image Description Ref. No.
undefined Vacuum plate
for machining table BAT, 370 x 80 mm
undefined Table extension
for machining table BAT, each 600 x 490 mm
undefined Plastic ball casters
for machining table BAT, 10 pieces
undefined Strip magazine holder
for machining table BAT
undefined Strip magazine
for machining table BAT,
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