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Arunda 60-1B Midi

Arunda® System - Class B

ref.no.: 91A715

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1 pair of jigs
1 wooden box
  • Perpendicular or angled joints on floor joists or rafter (roof system).
  • Just as easy to use in the work-shop as on the job site.
  • Push-down dovetail assembly is very fast and easy. No need to pull apart the load-bearing beams to insert tenons.
  • Double-cone self-tightening joints.
  • Identical router bit setting to cut both mortise and tenon.
  • Arunda® is a system for manually making dovetailed wood-to-wood joints to assemble timber frame structures.
  • All you need is a pair of Arunda® jigs (one for the tenon and the other for the mortise),a powerful Mafell router LO 65 Ec equipped with the special Arunda® cutter and some accessories.
  • There are several models available but only one size will be selected to fit your most commonly used timber widths. Keep in mind: The bigger the joint, the greater and better its resistance!
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