Insulation saw

Insulation saw DSS 300 cc in carrying case - GB 110 V

Insulation saw DSS 300 cc 919622

  • in carrying case
Cuprex Guide system Safety brake Lightweight Variable speed
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Cutting depth 12 1/16 Inch
Cutting depth at 45° 8 1/8 Inch
Cutting depth at 60° 5 9/16 Inch
Cutting width 1/4 Inch
Tilt range 60 °
Tilting range to rear 45 °
Nominal No. of strokes – no load 4700 1/min
Nominal power input 2.4 hp
Extraction connection diameter 1 3/8 Inch
Weight 18.2 lbs
Universal motor 110 V / 50 Hz
2 Cutting wires, 6 mm wide
1 Double-sided toothed belt
1 Auxiliary rest/glider
2 Cable cover K-Fix
1 Mains cable 4 m - GB 110 V Ref. No. 087803
undefined Perfect interaction of all system components and innovative details, including the cutting wire, carbon guide fin and chip sweepers, achieve a high-precision cut.
undefined Insert a track clamp in both ends of the guide track, offer up the track and press the tips into the material. Attach the glider, offer up the DSS 300 cc, make the cut and the job’s done.
undefined Flexible materials, as used to insulate the space between studs for example, can be cut quickly and accurately with the DSS 300 cc as well.
undefined For exact bevel cuts, the DSS 300 cc can be continuously pivoted through 60° referencing the scale. To make the cut, use an auxiliary rest on or alongside the guide track.
undefined Detach the double-sided toothed belt and lower the pulley. Thanks to the unique cutting wire, the DSS 300 cc can cut in practically any direction.
undefined Attach the guide track to the long side of the opening. Cut the short side freehand, following a mark. Cut the long side by running the tip of the base plate along the guide track.
  • Rip cuts and cross-cutting
  • Bevel cuts
  • Compatible materials include: Wood fiber insulation board (pressure-resistant, flexible), PUR rigid foam (without underlay),Styropor EPS, Styrodur XPS
  • 2-Dimensional tilting - The DSS 300 cc can cut at tilt angles up to 60°. In addition, the cutting wire and riving knife can be tilted back through 45°.
  • The carbon guide fin achieves extreme rigidity and, thanks to reduced weight, delivers the required cutting precision.
  • Automatic wire tensioning ensures consistency and supreme cutting quality.
  • The CUprex highperformance motor stands for sheer strength and outstanding motive power.
  • The double-sided toothed belt convey chips and dust away from the kerf and improve both extractor performance and cutting precision.
  • The MAFELL DSS 300 cc is a unique wire saw for cutting pressureresistant and flexible wood fiber insulating materials. Precision cutting for a perfect fit improves building insulation, eliminates thermal bridges and thus prevents structural damage. The DSS 300 cc is instrumental in ensuring that insulation work is performed with the utmost efficiency.
  • Perfect interaction of all system components and innovative details, including the cutting wire, carbon guide fin and chip sweepers, achieve a high-precision cut. This integrated system, which also includes the high-capacity extractor S 200 and workbench ST 1700 Vario, is simply unbeatable.
  • Given the appropriate accessories, insulating materials can be cut precisely in an almost infinite number of ways. The compact and highly flexible workbench allows you to work with extreme accuracy, even when making very long cuts. A more pleasant working atmosphere and ease of handling are ensured by the powerful high-capacity extractor.
Image Description Ref. No.
undefined Guide rail F 80
0,8 m (2,6 ft) long
undefined Guide rail F 110
1.1 m (3.6 ft) long
undefined Guide rail F 160
1.6 m (5.2 ft) long
undefined Guide rail F 210
2,1 m (6,9 ft) long
undefined Guide rail F 310
3,1 m (10,2 ft) long
undefined Connecting piece F-VS
for joining two guide rails
undefined Angle fence F-WA 205357
undefined Guide pocket F 160
for guide rails up to 1,6 m
undefined Guide pocket set
2 x F 160 + F-VS + 2 x F-SZ 180 MM + 1 guide pocket
undefined Guide pocket set
F 80 + F 160 + F-WA + F-VS + 2 x F-SZ 180MM + Guide pocket
undefined End cap F-EK
2 pieces
undefined Non-slip profile F-HP 6,8 M
6.8 m (22.3 ft.) long
undefined Splinter guard F-SS 3,4M
3.4 m (11.2 ft.) long
Image Description Ref. No.
undefined Lever clamp F-SZ 180MM
2 pieces, for fixing guide rail to workpiece
undefined Cutting wire DSS-SR
incl. 2 sweeper and 1 pulley guard
undefined Double-sided toothed belt DSS-DZ 206371
undefined Machine holder S200-MH 207164
undefined Track clamp F-FIX
2 pieces
undefined Cable cover K-Fix
2 pieces
undefined Parallel guide fence 205323
undefined Roller edge guide
K 85-UA
undefined Guide unit ST-FE 200
incl. guide track, mounting bracket and auxiliary rest
undefined Chip bag S 200
2 pieces
undefined High-capacity extractor S 200 206869
undefined Workbench ST 1700 Vario
Workbench ST 1700 Vario
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