Insulation saw

Workbench ST 1700 Vario

Workbench ST 1700 Vario 91A601

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Dimensions (length x width) 67 7/8 x 29 5/8 Inch
Working height 27 3/16 Inch
Weight 98.1 lbs
10 Aluminum legs
2 Support large
6 Support small
4 Stop
undefined Whether you’re cutting longways, crossways or at an angle, the plug-in supporting system for pressure-resistant and flexible insulating materials can be configured to suit any situation. Even when working on scaffolding.
undefined All the components are stowed inside the ST 1700 Vario to ease transportation.
  • For pressure-resistant and flexible wood fibre insulation boards.
  • Columns insertable in variable positions.
  • The aluminum legs are simply inserted in the holes in the base to provide an ideal work surface in every situation, no matter what the task.
  • The compact and highly flexible workbench allows you to work with extreme accuracy, even when making very long cuts (longitudinal, crossways and diagonal cuts in flexible insulating materials). Guide unit ST-FE 200 is additionally required when cutting flexible insulating materials.
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undefined Guide unit ST-FE 200
incl. guide track, mounting bracket and auxiliary rest
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