Cross-Cutting System

Suction clamping system Aeroxfix F-AF 1

with 1,3 m rail, adapters for above and underneath rail, flexible hose 204770

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undefined Method 1: Suction force applied from underneath, e.g. for parting cuts
undefined Suction fixing for cutting panels, doors etc... The suction force for fixing the F-AFU 130 to the 1.3 m guide rail is applied from underneath by way of the dual adapter.
undefined Method 2: Suction force applied from above, e.g. for recessing
undefined Suction fixing on surfaces. Simply attach adapter F-AFO to an existing F-type guide rail to apply the suction force from above.
  • The MAFELL Aerofix F-AF 1 rail set uses the suction force produced by the dust extractor to generate a vacuum underneath the rail profile by means of an adapter system.
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