Cross-Cutting System

Guide rail F 310

3,1 m (10,2 ft) long 204383

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undefined With 2 fixing clamps the guide rail can be fixed additionally on the workpiece.
undefined Two detachable holding strips on the underside of the guide rail ensure outstanding grip and protect the surface of your workpiece.
undefined For 100% precision and clean cuts: the MAFELL guide rail system with tear protection.
undefined A connecting piece, which is easily accessible from the top, is all that is required to join two guide rails. It is always to hand and slides back when not in use.
  • Easily extendable thanks to a newly designed steel connecting piece.
  • Even the extended guide rails are straight like an arrow thanks to the self-aligning connecting piece.
  • With removable rubber lip for fast and clean cutting results.
  • Very light in weight for optimal handling.
  • Guaranteed non-slip assured by two detachable holding strips on the underside of the guide rail.
  • The new, convenient guide rail system F facilitates clean and exact cutting without tearing in conjunction with numerous MAFELL machines.
  • The rubber lip provides a guide edge as well as tear protection. For a perfect result you should pre-cut the rubber lip with your machine before using it on the workpiece. The upper side of the guide rail has a special coating which helps your machines moving smoothly on the guide rail and helps you to concentrate on your work and not on pushing the machine through the workpiece. Simply easy. The plug-in end profile supplied with the machine prevents cables and suction hoses becoming caught. The width of the guide rail matches entirely the width of the machines gliding on top of the guide rail – another factor ensuring a perfect cutting result.
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