Circular Saw < 85 mm

Portable Circular Saw KSP 65 F - GB 110 V

Portable Circular Saw KSP 65 F 915122

  • Attention: Just spare parts are still available
230 V Guide system Safety brake Plunge cut function Variable depth Lightweight Tilt angle 60° Fast tool change Cuprex
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Cutting depth 0 - 2 9/16 Inch
Cutting depth at 45° 0 - 1 13/16 Inch
Cutting depth at 60° 0 - 1 1/4 Inch
Tilt range 0 - 60 °
Nominal No. of strokes – no load 4500 1/min
Nominal power input 2.4 hp
Weight 14.1 lbs
Universal motor 110 V
1 Parallel guide fence Ref. No. 202363
1 Hose connector for chip extraction Ref. No. 200042
1 Allen key 5 mm Ref. No. 093034
1 Mains cable 4 m (13.1 ft) Ref. No. 087323
1 TCT saw blade (KSP 65 F) 190 x 1.8/2.5 x 30 mm (7 1/2 in.), AT, 24 teeth Ref. No. 092541
"Always on track" with the KSP an the MAFELL guide rail system.
The MAFELL Circular Saws KSP 65 F + KSP 85 Fc for serial cuts on boards or planks and for framing work. Both do their work reliably and powerfully. Their advantage is the low weight.
The KSP for ripping cuts. The KSP 65 F + KSP 85 Fc with the parallel guide fence for ripping cuts are used precisely and safely. Here you can feel the high cutting power of the motors.
undefined The guide rail can be tightly fixed to the workpiece with the screw clamp.
  • Cross-cutting and rip cuts
  • Bevel cuts up to 60°
  • Birdsmouth cuts
  • Plunge cuts
  • Compatible materials include solid wood, board materials, insulating materials, doors, worktops and internal finishing and renovation materials
  • Healthy working environment – due to a clean workplace and a clear view of the saw blade thanks to optimal dust extraction with the MAFELL Dust Extractors.
  • It is no longer necessary to unscrew the riving knife – the FLIPPKEIL offers you optimum user-friendliness and safety when plunge cutting.
  • High quality standard means lower machine costs and longer service life.
  • At MAFELL you can find the plunge cut saw that plunges safely, because the riving knife is where it should be during plunge cutting: at the saw.
  • Heavy-duty and designed for great cutting performance. The additional handle of the KSP 65 F and KSP 85 Fc is for two-handed use in difficult cutting operations requiring a high degree of control.
  • A robust high-power motor is the heart of this portable circular saw.
  • The highlight: novel twin-located height adjustment, with which the machine can also be used as a plunge cut saw – the riving knife disappears into the protective cover when plunge cutting. Naturally the cutting depth can be set exactly with the scale.
  • Like all our portable circular saws, the KSP 65 F / 85 Fc also fit into the MAFELL guide rail system. As a package this is so reasonably priced that sawing without a guide rail will become the exception.
Image Description Ref. No.
undefined Guide rail F 80
0,8 m (2,6 ft) long
undefined Guide rail F 110
1.1 m (3.6 ft) long
undefined Guide rail F 160
1.6 m (5.2 ft) long
undefined Guide rail F 210
2,1 m (6,9 ft) long
undefined Guide rail F 310
3,1 m (10,2 ft) long
undefined Angle fence F-WA 205357
Image Description Ref. No.
undefined Connecting piece F-VS
for joining two guide rails
undefined Guide pocket F 160
for guide rails up to 1,6 m
undefined Guide pocket set
2 x F 160 + F-VS + 2 x F-SZ 180 MM + 1 guide pocket
undefined TCT saw blade
190 x 1,8/2,5 x 30 mm (7 1/2 in.), AT, 24 teeth, for universal use
undefined Flexible hose FXS-L
up to 3,2 m (10.6 ft) long
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