Circular Saw < 85 mm

Portable Circular Saw KSP 65 F - GB 230 V until Mach. No. 631154

Portable Circular Saw KSP 65 F 915121_631154

230 V Guide system Safety brake Plunge cut function Variable depth Lightweight Tilt angle 60° Fast tool change Cuprex
Technical data
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Cutting depth 0 - 2 9/16 Inch
Cutting depth at 45° 0 - 1 13/16 Inch
Cutting depth at 60° 0 - 1 1/4 Inch
Tilt range 0 - 60 °
Nominal No. of strokes – no load 4500 1/min
Nominal power input 2.4 hp
Weight 14.1 lbs
Universal motor 230 V / 50 Hz
1 TCT saw blade (KSP 65 F) 190 x 1.8/2.5 x 30 mm (7 1/2 in.), AT, 24 teeth Ref. No. 092541
1 Parallel guide fence Ref. No. 202363
1 Hose connector for chip extraction Ref. No. 200042
1 Allen key 5 mm Ref. No. 093034
1 Mains cable 4 m (13.1 ft) Ref. No. 087323
  • Cross-cutting and rip cuts
  • Bevel cuts up to 60°
  • Birdsmouth cuts
  • Plunge cuts
  • Compatible materials include solid wood, board materials, insulating materials, doors, worktops and internal finishing and renovation materials
  • Healthy working environment – due to a clean workplace and a clear view of the saw blade thanks to optimal dust extraction with the MAFELL Dust Extractors.
  • It is no longer necessary to unscrew the riving knife – the FLIPPKEIL offers you optimum user-friendliness and safety when plunge cutting.
  • High quality standard means lower machine costs and longer service life.
  • At MAFELL you can find the plunge cut saw that plunges safely, because the riving knife is where it should be during plunge cutting: at the saw.
  • Heavy-duty and designed for great cutting performance. The additional handle of the KSP 65 F and KSP 85 Fc is for two-handed use in difficult cutting operations requiring a high degree of control.
  • A robust high-power motor is the heart of this portable circular saw.
  • The highlight: novel twin-located height adjustment, with which the machine can also be used as a plunge cut saw – the riving knife disappears into the protective cover when plunge cutting. Naturally the cutting depth can be set exactly with the scale.
  • Like all our portable circular saws, the KSP 65 F / 85 Fc also fit into the MAFELL guide rail system. As a package this is so reasonably priced that sawing without a guide rail will become the exception.