Cordless drill drivers

Cordless Drill Driver BS 12 V in MAFELL-MAX - GB 230 V until Masch. No. 862011 916621_862011

  • Transport and storage box MAFELL-MAX
  • Attention: Just spare parts are still available
Technical data
Delivery specification
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Nominal voltage 12 V
1st speed range 0 - 420 1/min
2nd speed range 0 - 1300 1/min
Torque setting (21 steps) 22 - 50 Nm
Battery 12 V (2,0 Ah) NiCd
Weight (including battery 4.9 lbs
Weight 3.3 lbs
2 Battery 12 V ( 2,0 Ah) NiCd for BS 12 V Ref. No. 094404
Unbridled power: drilling holes up to 38 mm in wood comes easy to the BS 18 V.
For screwing or drilling, MAFELL’s high-torque cordless drill drivers are suitable for universal applications.
The delivery specification: MAFELL-BitBOX containing 10 high-quality bit inserts and a bit holder.
The APS high-speed charger is integrated in the lid of the carrying case.
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